Welcome monOrchid’s new Art Program Director, Justin Germain


Mr. Germain is an Arizona native, hailing from Sierra Vista on the border south of Tucson, and moved to the valley 13 years ago to pursue his education in Art History.  He now holds a Master of Arts in Art History and a Master of Public Administration, two fields that developed not only his aesthetic sense but also a love for community engagement and exploring the crossover between art and society.  Justin comes to the monOrchid with over 10 years in gallery management and curatorial experience with organizations in the Phoenix area.

“I have always been disturbed by the comments that Phoenix has no cultural activity and I strive to explore and share the rich and diverse culture that the valley offers to its residents and visitors.  I am thrilled to work with monOrchid because the space embodies the ideals of promoting our local flavor, developing awareness and interest in the arts, and serving as a magnet for urban redevelopment.”

“My taste and aesthetic are broad; as a curator I am open to exploring any style, any form, and issue, and any ism.  I take much of my inspiration from Alfred Barr, the first director of the Museum of Modern Art, NY, who was the subject of my M.A. thesis.  Barr described artists as the sensitive antenna of society whose products are the result of the surroundings they inhabit.  We, as art professionals—curators, critics, gallerists—serve as disc jockeys for the radio station of culture to entertain, educate, and provide insight to the public.  This is why I chose to curate and write for all visitors, I prefer to describe and explain art in plain language so that it is accessible to anyone.”

“I look forward to working and collaborating in a creative environment focused on generating a buzz for downtown.  I think we are going to develop some amazing programs and opportunities and hopefully, inspire other arts businesses to follow along!”

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