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Wall Street Journal:

Guide to the Ultimate Long Weekend in Phoenix



HOME heart of Hugo Medina new exhibit at the monOrchid on KJZZ “The Show” with Mark Brodie

AZ Central

Hugo Medina’s HOME to be  featured on ArtNation PBS

Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row to get better lighting, walkways

Zombie plague hits dance stage at the monOrchid

Gallery Glimpse: “78 Years in the Fast Lane” at the monOrchid Gallery

September: 4 visual arts picks on display in metro phoenix

Phoenix metal artist shares inspiration

Gallery Glimpse: “Thermal PHX” at the monOrchid Gallery

Gallery Glimpse: “Scream Queens” at the monOrchid Gallery

Gallery Glimpse: “eclectic Art” at the monOrchid Gallery

3/1-31: MonOrchid exhibit marks Art Detour 25 Years in Phoenix

Gallery Glimpse: “Works of Fire” at the monOrchid Gallery



Phoenix OKs contested housing for seniors in arts district, Interview Wayne Rainey 

Interview with Wayne Rainey

2013 New Years Eve at the monOrchid


Localrevibe Articles:

Second Round Leaves 4

Street Art Redefined with Styles at Shade West

First Round of Thermal Phx at the monOrchid

Thermal Phx Returns to the monOrchid

Eric Kasper Returns to the monOrchid

APACHE X takes over the monOrchid

“Prelude” with Charmgne Coe at Shade West

What will happen with “The Row”

Prepare for “Elevation” at Shade Gallery

Remembering the “Desolation” with April Morganroth in Bokeh Gallery

Journey “Between Heaven and Erth” with Aaron Thomas Roth at Bokeh Gallery

“Holy Daze” invades Shade Gallery

Going beneath “PTSD, The Invisible Scar”

Uncover “Where The Bodies Are Buried” by Mark Lipczynski

What’s “Rotting the Barrel”

Exploring the galleries with Artlink Collectors Tour

Sean Deckert’s “Fata Morgana” at Bokeh Gallery

Exploring “Fred Tieken’s 78 Years In The Fast Lane”


Downtown Devil:

Local artist Jeff Davis combines traditional art training with technology for new MonOrchid series

Downtown Businesses reach out to kids, families … the monOrchid’s First Family Day

Arts District flourishes from dregs of downtown, but now faces new problems

ECCA meeting focuses on proposals for historic Knipe House and nearby properties

Phoenix Gallery Coalition aspires to expand

Poll results: Better of Downtown

MonOrchid Arts’ Ball fundraises for relaunch of Shade Projects


Downtown Phoenix Journal:

monOrchid Gallery Hosts a Family Day

Take a Behind the Scenes Gallery Tour…



MonOrchid Gallery Owner Wayne Rainey Discusses His Vision and the Arts District Downtown

Fred Tieken “78 Years in the Fast Lane”

Sean Deckert “Fata Morgana” at the Monrochid

Respect the Shooter: April Morganroth



 Valley Spotlight

Nicole Royse, Artist, Curator, Writer

PTSD-The Invisible Scars

Channel 12 News

“Desolation” Exhibition with April Morganroth & Nicole Royse

Channel 15 News

MonOrchid Family Day & “Thermal PHX” with Nicole Royse & Justin Germain