Courtney Sargent Photography says “Hello!” to monOrchid

We’ve asked our new member, Courtney Sargent, to tell us about herself and she happily replied…

“I’m Courtney Sargent, owner and photographer of Courtney Sargent Photography.  I shoot weddings and portraits in Arizona and beyond.  I am a modern wedding photojournalist and my goal is to capture the story of my client’s day through candid, emotional moments and artistic portraits.  I want my clients to be able to re-live the emotions of their wedding day each time they look back at their photos.  It’s also important to me that my clients have creative artistic images worthy of hanging above their mantel.  I love capturing those in between moments, experimenting with light and interacting with my incredible clients.  I have a very straightforward and simple approach to my wedding packages and like to make the wedding process as easy as possible for my clients.  Therefore, we tend to have lots of fun together!

I’m a second generation Phoenician and LOVE downtown & uptown Phoenix.  I feel most comfortable with a camera in my hand.  I like to think of myself as a free spirited explorer, or maybe that’s what my family & friends would call me.  I’m very laid back and my main goal is to enjoy life.  I drink a lot of coffee, am a beer snob, eat a lot of burritos, love to cook and spend too much money at vintage shops.   I have a growing camera collection filling my shelves due to my thrift store addiction, some of which work and some which I just enjoy tinkering with.  I love to travel, see new places and meet new people.

I’m really excited to be working out of monOrchid and to be a part of the downtown community.  We have an amazing group of creatives who are experimenting, sharing new ideas and building up our young city.  Living in a city that is so young means we all have the chance to contribute and make Phoenix an incredible place.  It’s great to be surrounded by other small business owners who are focused on local endeavors.”

Courtney Sargent

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