Artwork submission

The Shade Projects art program is dedicated to showing the highest quality artwork produced by our local talent.  We believe that art has the ability to impact and transform lives and enrich communities.  Building a strong, vibrant art community, and supporting it, is essential to the continued growth of our city.

Our Mission Statement: To be the premier art gallery in downtown Phoenix promoting local art and generating cultural awareness in the community while serving as a magnet for continued creative development and collaboration.

The monOrchid is currently accepting submissions and exhibition proposals for the 2015 calendar year. Please visit our “Call to artists” page to review any specific exhibition opportunities.

We are interested in exhibiting work by emerging or established Arizona artists who explore and test the boundaries of media, technique, materials, subject matter, and ideas.  To be considered for a solo exhibition, the artist must portray a strong and unique creative vision through an illustrative body of work with a defined style and technique.

MonOrchid Submission Guidelines:

Send the following items to the gallery director/ curator Justin Germain at

- A digital portfolio of at least 8-10 images of your body of work in a Microsoft PowerPoint (images on black background with text: title, size, medium, price) or PDF document.

- Artist resume (PDF or Microsoft Word document).

- Artist statement and brief description of body of work (PDF or Microsoft Word document).

- Link to personal artist website if available

- Contact information (name, full address, phone number, email address)

***Due to the large number of submissions that we receive on a regular basis, we are unable to reply to all submissions. In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly.

***Please do not call the gallery or present physical works.